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Aggregate Placement

​​T2 Contracting's "APD" Aggregate Placement Division is dedicated to the turn key operation of hauling, placing and grading of many forms of aggregate materials.
Aggregates such as gravel, sand, stone, mulch and top soil along with many others can be placed on your desired site faster, cleaner and cheaper than your traditional methods.
With our unique AT-7 machines we can place and grade 75-100 tons every few hours. T2-APD can maximize your performance by allowing your team to focus on the tasks they are best at.
T2 Contracting - APD is the first and currently the only company in North Carolina to operate an AT-7 machine. With our machine consider us the "Special Ops" of aggregate placement.

Our AT-7 Team takes great pride in their abilities to meet your needs with specialize precision and minimal disturbance. They can operate on the most dreadful terrain or confine spaces and this is why we consider them our "Special Ops" team. From 100k sq ft slabs, below grade parking garages or fuel tanks in place we can assure you our team of professionals will give you an advantage.
The AT-7 is controlled by our certified operator with a hand held remote control. This feature allows the operator to maintain a safe field of view while placing the aggregate. The self-leveling ability allows us to operate and maintain stability on difficult grades.
Accessing the AT-7 for loading purposes from the rear or side maximizes its efficiency as we never have to stop application.
As you navigate our website notice our AT-7 Team and their past projects. T2 Contracting - APD Thanks You for visiting our website and we hope to work with you soon to maximize your efficiency on your next project.

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